Hamsters and Yu

8 May 2020

CoVID-19 Pandemic Day #107

Our hairless hamster died last week.
It died hairless, and had been hairless for about 2 months due to the ringworm it had picked up. It had also developed an abscess on its cheek from scratching itself. So the poor thing was a bit of a mess.
Her name was Snowflake or Snowy, and for a brief time had also been known as Cupcake.
Thankfully, for Snowy, Shauna, being the saint that she is, tended to the hamster every day with ointments and care. 

When Isla first learned of Snowy’s death her first words were: “Can I get a dog now?” She was then very sad about Snowy’s passing. Not the other way around.

For closure and for the kids sake there was a little ceremony when the time came to commit Snowy to the great beyond. 

Shauna told the kids that she was going to bury the body, and that Snowy’s spirit had departed this world. 

Shauna: “All that’s left of Snowy is her body, which now needs to return to the earth, from where she came. But her spirit is free and has now gone to a better place”.
The kids, astonished at this: “A better place? A better place than this?” (As if there could be a better place than this!)

Shauna, a bit taken aback replied: “Yes, a better place. Like that place your friend’s grandfather went when he died.”
Isla: “You mean heaven?”
Shauna: “Yes, like heaven.”
Robbie: “Is that in space?”
Isla: “In the sky?”
Shauna: “No, not really in space, it’s more in another dimension.”
Robbie and Isla: “Another dimension!? Ok. Can we go get ice-cream now?”


We have taken on a new Ayi. An Ayi directly translates as “Aunt”, and means “Nanny” or “Maid”.
Her name is Yu, and she is wonderful.

However her name has lead to a few strange conversations between Shauna and I when planning our days.

Shauna: “Yu will start work at 9am tomorrow. Are you okay with that?”
Me: “But I am at work by then already?”

Shauna: “Yu did a great job cleaning up the lounge after the kids today.”
Me: “Oh, thanks for noticing.”

Shauna: “Please can Yu look after the kids tomorrow afternoon?”
Me: “I’m busy!”


Summer has returned to Guangzhou.
Humidity up at 80% and temperatures up over 30C.
Let’s hope they open the swimming pools as its unlikely anyone is going anywhere over the summer.

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