What is the Memeing of CoVID

1 June 2020

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. At a loss for ideas here is a collection of some of the better COVID memes.

From the start the Coronavirus has inspired a number of viral memes*. The first round of memes referenced the obvious Corona Beer:

Then came the references to China:

And then came the crazy applications of masks and preventative measures to avoid catching the coronavirus. I was always told to avoid putting a plastic bag over my head…

Someone has already ranked some of the best crazy applications of face masks…I do think some people may have mistaken CoVID for Halloween and / or the opportunity to become a viral meme with their improvised Hazmat suites.

And with the spread of the virus around the world came panic buying, social distancing, lockdowns, quarantine, working from home, home schooling, and the endless washing of hands.

Panic buying came first – in the western world this meant buying out all the available toilet paper:

Some of the best memes have been about Social Distancing:

There have been memes about hygiene and washing hands:

And how to be a hero during lockdown:

And the monotony of quarantine and nostalgia for “normality”:

There have been plenty of memes about staying sane during lockdown: whether its carrying on like nothing has happened, or starting a new hobby, watching Netflix (Tiger King in particular has been a smash hit during COVID), endlessly surfing the net, exercising (or not exercising), learning to cook, baking, not doing anything, or just drinking through it!

And with quarantine has come the inevitable “Quarantine Fifteen”

Any parent can relate to these homeschooling memes:

As a Liverpool fan the 2019-2020 season started so well. Liverpool was smashing all the records, and it looked like the Reds would finally win the league by a massive margin. Possibly even save the world from COVID… But on March 13th all games were suspended…Liverpool only needed to win 2 more games of its last 9 fixtures to be guaranteed the league title. I can only hope that fixtures do resume on 17th June.

*Note: these memes have all been gleaned from various WeChat and WhatsApp groups. I have not searched the internet or online social media platforms for any of these – there must be millions out there on the interweb.
I have also stuck to static images for this post. There are plenty of YouTube videos, GIFs and TikTok videos out there.

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