Tswaing Meteorite Impact Crater – 12 December 2012 – Birding at The End of the World

Birding with Kids!
How trying to do two things that are completely incompatible, like birding and parenting with young children, at the same time, is harder and more amusing than herding cats…

So this is a journey (aren’t they all…) from southern Africa to the land mass of China, working, birding, parenting and all that goes alongside it…

Why am I doing this? Well, if you like birding, or Africa, or China, or parenting, maybe you’ll find something we share. But mostly because I hope it adds some humour to your day, even if the writing may be terrible and cringeworthy!

stuff and more stuffy stuff

About Me

I am proudly South African, currently living and working in Guangzhou, China, with my amazing wife and two wonderful children.
I parent a lot, I work even more than I parent, and I try to bird as much as possible – which is, like, never.

I like to share and write lots of stuff on WhatsApp and WeChat groups to the point where it is annoying.

I enjoy the absurd, the sublime, the ridiculous, the left-of-centre, and try not to take life too seriously. If I did, I wouldn’t be writing up this stuff.

I am a HUGE Liverpool fan, and have been since they last won the premiership back in 1990! Expect a fair bit of bragging in 2020 [Editor’s note: All bragging has been postponed until the Coronavirus pandemic passes.]

I love playing, watching, and following cricket, so there may be a few cricket stories in here.

I am also into a ton of other stuff: music (lots of music), books, history, Africa (yes, I’m interested in an entire continent), politics (mostly political satire!), butterflies, lizards, snakes, spiders, trees, flowers, citizen science, energy, environment, the mining industry, popular psychology, and pretentiously getting into art.

Most importantly of all, I love a good story or a well told anecdote.

There really is not much mystery to me after all that is there?

About this page

My younger brother works with me on this blog. He encouraged me to get it going. And he will be adding posts from time to time (YES HE WILL!!).
His life is just as interesting as mine. Or just as dull as mine, depending on your point of you [typo intended].
If there are any legal infringements, or if I do offend anybody, you can direct all complaints to him.


I promise to try my best not to offend anyone.
If any offense is taken in any way, please get in touch.

I’m still working on this bit at the bottom of the page…
Its the bit for people who are super distracted and like to scroll down to with the hope that there is something really interesting at the bottom of the page.

Not sure I want to share contact details with the world just yet…Not that I am expecting any phonecalls.
But I may provide links to social media pages. Lets see.
And I’m only writing here because this is a template and I can’t help myself…
So…erm…try and get in touch.

Click the button, see where it takes you.
Go on, you know you want to…

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