Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park

22 March 2020 We took the kids to Nansha Wetland Park on Sunday 22 March. We needed to take advantage of the great spring weather, and get out of Clifford and the hustle and bustle of Panyu for a change. It was perfect after many weeks spent in Panyu. Located approximately an hour’s DiDi rideContinue reading “Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park”

The Birding Trip that Never Was

Except for the odd hike in the local park (Dafushan) and some very casual birding around the estate gardens, I can’t say I have done any real birding since arriving in China.  The Chinese New Year holiday presented me with the perfect opportunity to get out of Guangzhou, and head to one of China’s premiumContinue reading “The Birding Trip that Never Was”

What’s that bird?

I sometimes get asked to identify a bird, based on a verbal description, or a photograph taken on a smartphone. I don’t get asked as often as I would like but it does happen every now and again*. Some experienced birders may get a little annoyed with a complete novice asking “What’s that bird?” withoutContinue reading “What’s that bird?”

Birding on the Day the World Ends!

Experienced 12 December 2012 This was a lone birding excursion to Tswaing Meteorite Impact Crater, north west of Tshwane, South Africa. I can’t really remember why I chose this particular site, on this particular day, but I was off work, I had the time, and was just getting into birding seriously at the time. ItContinue reading “Birding on the Day the World Ends!”

New Years Day Birding: 2014

Written 1 December 2015: One of my favourite birding moments was New Year’s day 2014. After minimal sleep, and a slight hangover, myself, Dewald and Liaan, set out from Joburg at 2am for Kgomo-Kgomo in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The intention was to connect with a number of specials and rarities that hadContinue reading “New Years Day Birding: 2014”

I’m sure I started that Corona Beer joke…

Monday, 27th January, 2020Coronavirus lockdown entry #1. Day 3. True story: Friends of ours have just booked their flight tickets to Holland. They fly out tomorrow. The coronavirus was the final straw. The virus has a 5-14 day incubation period. Disclaimer: this is according to what I have read, at the time of publication. SoContinue reading “I’m sure I started that Corona Beer joke…”