Arriving in China – Day One

Experienced June 2017 Our move to China in 2017 was rapid. Too rapid. It was an unusual move. I have been asked (and often ask myself) “How does a geologist from South Africa get into marketing for a biometrics group in Guangzhou, China?”. Glad you asked. Here’s how… I first heard of the available positionContinue reading “Arriving in China – Day One”

Can you say “thorax”?

Following my recent redirection into teaching, I have been substituting as a second language English teacher at a bilingual kindergarten. It is a 7 week gig courtesy of the restrictions COVID has placed on the poor teachers who have not been allowed to return to China since they took leave for their Chinese New YearContinue reading “Can you say “thorax”?”

Lockdown Level 1 Passed

Lockdown: Level completed. CoVID-19 Pandemic Day #93 Life Day: #14,795 Shauna and the kids were released from quarantine on Thursday 16 April. For some reason, I was only given my release papers late Saturday afternoon, two days later. I suspect the reason being that I ventured into downtown GZ sometime in mid-March, or one ofContinue reading “Lockdown Level 1 Passed”

Yes we are in Lockdown

12 April 2020 Lockdown Day #4 CoVID-19 Pandemic Day #80 China Living Day #1,043 Fatherhood Day #2,404 Life Day #14,782 #Life#itshappeningtousall The pandemic saga continues:A ban on any foreigners entering the country came into play on 28 March. Before the ban, there were a number of flights with passengers from Nigeria, Congo, Togo, Angola, Ethiopia,Continue reading “Yes we are in Lockdown”

Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park

22 March 2020 We took the kids to Nansha Wetland Park on Sunday 22 March. We needed to take advantage of the great spring weather, and get out of Clifford and the hustle and bustle of Panyu for a change. It was perfect after many weeks spent in Panyu. Located approximately an hour’s DiDi rideContinue reading “Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park”

Beijing and the Great Wall Part 3

22-24 December 2019 Back to Beijing with the Kids! Returning to Beijing two weeks later with the family was pretty special. We followed almost exactly the same itinerary as I had done two weeks earlier (except of course we skipped the work exhibition!). Two nights. Great Wall one day, Forbidden Palace & Tiananmen Square theContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 3”

Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2

Thursday – 12 December 2019 Flag Raising Ceremony, Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden Palace Museum Fast forward a couple of days, and I had to honor my pledge and wake up at 3:30am to be at Tiananmen Square for the flag raising ceremony. I honored it. It was well worth it. Together with the GreatContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 2”

Beijing and the Great Wall Part 1

Monday – 9 December 2019 The Great Wall is Great Indeed! I had been wanting to visit the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square* since arriving in China, so I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Beijing for an exhibition in early December 2019.  Having spent two-and-a-half years in Guangzhou, all the wayContinue reading “Beijing and the Great Wall Part 1”

The Birding Trip that Never Was

Except for the odd hike in the local park (Dafushan) and some very casual birding around the estate gardens, I can’t say I have done any real birding since arriving in China.  The Chinese New Year holiday presented me with the perfect opportunity to get out of Guangzhou, and head to one of China’s premiumContinue reading “The Birding Trip that Never Was”