White House Super Spreader

22 November 2020! Goodness gracious me, its been a long time since my last post! 3 months or 93 days days if anyone is counting. Thank you to the two people who reminded me that this blog has been somewhat neglected (shout out to Jason and Roy for the reminders)! Neglected like democracy in theContinue reading “White House Super Spreader”

Can you say “thorax”?

Following my recent redirection into teaching, I have been substituting as a second language English teacher at a bilingual kindergarten. It is a 7 week gig courtesy of the restrictions COVID has placed on the poor teachers who have not been allowed to return to China since they took leave for their Chinese New YearContinue reading “Can you say “thorax”?”

Lockdown Level 1 Passed

Lockdown: Level completed. CoVID-19 Pandemic Day #93 Life Day: #14,795 Shauna and the kids were released from quarantine on Thursday 16 April. For some reason, I was only given my release papers late Saturday afternoon, two days later. I suspect the reason being that I ventured into downtown GZ sometime in mid-March, or one ofContinue reading “Lockdown Level 1 Passed”

Letters from Leuven: Week 1

This is a series of posts of WhatsApp reports and conversations with a Doctor during the CoVID-19 pandemic. I could not decide on the appropriate title, either: Letters from Leuven, (Belgium); OR Letters from the Front Line. You be the judge. WEEK 1 Day 1. 14 March 2020 Belgium starts to go 🍌 🍌 🍌 HamsteringContinue reading “Letters from Leuven: Week 1”

Never Give Away Your Position

Experienced: Saturday 11th January 2020. Kids birthday parties. Always fun. But mostly fun for the kids. The parents usually hang about, have a drink and make small talk.How’s work?How was the week?Where you going for Chinese New Year? You know, the usual chit-chat. This particular 6-year-old boy’s birthday party was held at the Clifford barbecueContinue reading “Never Give Away Your Position”

Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park

22 March 2020 We took the kids to Nansha Wetland Park on Sunday 22 March. We needed to take advantage of the great spring weather, and get out of Clifford and the hustle and bustle of Panyu for a change. It was perfect after many weeks spent in Panyu. Located approximately an hour’s DiDi rideContinue reading “Birding with Kids and Masks Nansha Wetland Park”

Sarah, the Rabbit

Experienced from March through to July 2018: I came home from work one day, and could hear the kids screeching with excitement as I walked up the road toward the house.They were next door at Jenny’s* place. Jenny’s dad had just bought her a cute little white rabbit. Isla was besotted with it and theyContinue reading “Sarah, the Rabbit”

Why the Title: Birding with Kids?

26 November 2019 I love birding and I love my kids, but as a hobby, birding is almost completely incompatible with young kids. Birding requires very early mornings, long drives, and lots, and lots of patience. When birding I spend a lot of time listening out for bird calls, standing still, and just staring atContinue reading “Why the Title: Birding with Kids?”