White House Super Spreader

22 November 2020! Goodness gracious me, its been a long time since my last post! 3 months or 93 days days if anyone is counting. Thank you to the two people who reminded me that this blog has been somewhat neglected (shout out to Jason and Roy for the reminders)! Neglected like democracy in theContinue reading “White House Super Spreader”

Trump Trump Trumpity Trump Trump Trump Trump

I often hear the Nelly the Elephant Song when I see Trump doing his Press Conferences. It’s impossible not to hear it. This is one of my favorite Trump memes: Adding a few more: What Iceberg? Fake News! The Iceberg is fake! The people reporting the Iceberg are fake.  The Iceberg is a hoax I’veContinue reading “Trump Trump Trumpity Trump Trump Trump Trump”